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Child Sponsor Program at Lott Carey

What is the cost to sponsor a child?

About $1 per day  

$35 / month to sponsor one child

How does sponsorship support a child?


Sponsorship meets the needs of the students and staff in the following ways: tuition, teacher salaries, supplies/books, building/maintenance, national accreditation, and more. 


Your sponsorship provides the essential nutritional program and partnership with an on staff nurse to develop the best diet possible for all students. 


Your sponsorship helps support a on staff nurse for the school children.  The staff nurse is able to address and monitor the health of the students and their families.  Monitoring takes place at school and through home visits.  

How do I stay connected?

Those who sponsor a child will receive a letter from their child every few months. We have over 190 people visiting Lott Carey School annually who will hand deliver letters and photos to keep you up to date and connected with your sponsor child. 

How long are students sponsored?

We ask for a one year commitment, which enables the child to successfully complete a grade level in school. It is our hope that sponsorship would continue beyond one year. Sponsorship can be modified at any time by contacting our office.    

Where do I send my money every month?

Payments can be made online or mailed.  Check out the GIVING page for more details! 

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How Do I Get Involved?

Child Sponsorship Brochure

Sponsor Child Letter Writting Guidelines