Haiti Kids School

Sponsor Child Correspondence Guidelines

How do I stay informed about my sponsor child?

You will receive letters and updates on your sponsor child throughout the year.  These items may include photos or artwork from your sponsor child.  Not all children can write independently and will have assistance in writing to you. 

How do I correspond with my sponsor child?

We encourage you to send brief letters, cards and/or photos.  Haiti Kids School will work with Lott Carey school teachers and volunteers to translate all correspondence.  

Mail your letters to Haiti Kids School office in Minnesota.  This is our home-base location where mission trip leaders and volunteers pack and prepare for their travels to Haiti. 

Konbit – Haiti Kids School

Attn: Sponsor Child Correspondence 

4412 Games Trail

Minnetrista, MN 55375

Always include your student’s name and ID number with any letter/item.  This can be written in the corner of your letter.  The ID number can be found on the top of your sponsor letter. 

Please do not send money to your sponsor child or their family.  Any money sent will be donated to the general fund for Lott Carey School.   

How will my letter get to my sponsor child?

All items are hand carried to Haiti by volunteers to ensure safe delivery.  As a result, communications can take a few months to get to and from your sponsor child.  Don’t let this discourage you from sending mail to your sponsor child.  Students love to hear from you!  Your patience is appreciated.  Please be mindful of the items you send as they should be flat, light and fit in an envelope.  

Where do I start?  What should I write? 

Describe your family and/or include a photo. 

Encourage your student with their school work. 

Share about your hobbies or interests (favorite sports, etc.).

Describe where you work/go to school.

Share about your holidays, traditions or customs.


Do not include your address or contact information. 

Do not ask your child if they have any needs/wants.

Do not elaborate on your material possessions.

Do not suggest your student visit you in your country. 

Do not send money or mention donations in your letter.


We reserve the right to not translate culturally inappropriate information.   

More ideas!


Send a world map indicating where you live in relation to your sponsor child

Family photo 

Send a tracing of your hand




Coloring pages

Paper dolls/figures

Birthday Card

Simple origami animals

Paper snowflake cut outs


Can I visit my sponsor child?

Haiti Kids School facilitates a variety of mission trips to Lott Carey School.  If you would like more information about these trips or ways to be more involved please contact us: [email protected]